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Two Fly-Casting Clinics      
This is a repeat of two very popular clinics we had last year

One Clinic on Fly Casting Essentials, Saturday, Aug. 1, 2020

One Clinic on Intermediate / Advanced Fly Casting, Saturday, Aug. 22, 2020

Clinic One, Fly Casting Essentials:

Learn the difference between substance, what causes a good cast to be executed, and style, the individual's method of getting there. Be able to understand and execute the fivecomponents of every perfect cast? Common casting errors will be explained and demonstrated. Your cast will be analyzed and corrected by a FFI Master Certified Instructor. You will learn how to quickly load the rod, control loop shape, shoot line, improve accuracy, distance, roll casts, and line control. Demonstrations will be short and concise; most of your time will be spent casting. This course is a prerequisite to the Advanced/Intermediate Casting Clinic held 3 weeks later. Understanding, learning and practicing these Essentials will allow you to get the most from our second session. Pat will recommend the specific practice to fit your individual needs.

Clinic Two, Intermediate/Advanced Fly Casting:

This clinic will build upon and expand knowledge gained from the first program. You should practice, improve and refine your cast so that more advanced casting will be easily learned. The same instructor will help you learn how to increase distance and accuracy, minimize false casting, double haul, handle weighted lines and flies, cast well in all wind conditions, perform different slack line casts to control drag and prepare you so your experience in both fresh and saltwater is successful. You will now have the tools and knowledge to greatly improve your catch rate and also eliminate wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries due to poor casting execution. If you took either course previously, you can sign up for this one.

When, Where and How:

Location: Harmony Beverage, Rt. 940, Blakeslee, through the cooperation and generosity of John McElroy

Fly Casting Essentials: Saturday, Aug.1, 2020

Intermediate/Advanced Fly Casting, Saturday, Aug. 22, 2020

Arrive: 8:30 am, Begin promptly 9:00 am, Finish 11:30 am

Cost 30.00 per person each clinic. ATTENDANCE IS LIMITED. Advance payment required.

We will comply with all state COVID-19 regulations. 

Bring: Favorite fly fishing setup with floating line, glasses and hat;

leaders and flies will be provided

Instructor: Pat Damico, Fly Guy Charters, St. Pete Beach, FL;  
Fly Fishers International Master Certified Fly Casting Instructor, one of approximately 200 in the world.

To Sign Up,

Call the Shop, or Stop in to Register:

The Evening Hatch Fly Shop

797 State Rt. 940 East

Lake Harmony, PA  18624

(570) 443-0772


The Evening Hatch Fly Shop

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